Believe Again


By Kenya Gossett


~And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose…~ Romans 8:28


~Blessed is she who believes~ Luke 1:45

Cinderella was a young woman with a heart full of dreams. She had an unbreakable faith that someday, her dream of happiness would come true! She remained hopeful, gentle and kind through all the hardships but at one point in the movie- she lost her faith for the first time.

As I watching it the other night- one part of the movie really stood out to me. After having her dress ripped to shreds by her step-sisters, her hopes of going to the castle to meet the Prince was destroyed. She was broken, confused and at the point of completely giving up. Yet it was when she had her lowest point, her miracle and greatest victory came. She cried out and said “There’s just no use.. I can’t believe, not anymore. There’s nothing left to believe in” and it was in that moment, the fairy Godmother appeared and changed everything. With one word- Cinderella had everything she needed to walk into her destiny with the Prince that night.

Yet it will still not time for their love story to unfold. We all know that she ends up leaving one glass slipper behind but another scene that stood out to me was when the magic wore off and everything around her crumbled. The mice weren’t horses anymore, the pumpkin was gone, and Cinderella was left with the torn up dress she had before. But when she looked down, one thing still remained: the other glass slipper. She held it close to her heart, looked up to the sky and said “Thank You”…

God used all this as a shadow and type to show me- that even though we feel like we’re locked up in a situation- He always makes a way where there seems to be none. Even when we feel like everything around us has crumbled- God leaves us with hope and a glass slipper in the Spirit. Though the road was bumpy for Cinderella- in the end she received everything she ever dreamed of.

 So I want to encourage you- things may seem difficult right now, like nothing is changing. You may feel like all your dreams have been crushed- but it’s so important that you stay soft and sweet through it all! Please, don’t let a root of bitterness take place in your heart because of it. Remember that God makes all things beautiful in HIS time and just because something isn’t happening right now, doesn’t mean it will never happen. The Lord sees and hears the deepest cry of your heart, so don’t give up now! You are right around the corner from a miracle..

 Sisters- We truly serve a faithful God, who will always bring rain in your time of drought & tonight- He gave me that through a Disney movie 😉

God bless you ladies and I wish you all a very happy New Years! The season of change is HERE and purpose that starting January 1st- that you won’t stop believing. Amen! ♥

Love and Prayers,


~Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart~ Psalms 37:4

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  1. Barbara Elizabeth says:

    This was sent to me by a dear friend and it is exactly what I needed to hear.
    I have had all the same that happened to Cinderella, to me;
    I am hoping the glass slipper of my life will fit soon, as my mantra of BELIEVE is being tested.

    Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Hi Elizabeth, God bless you! Thank you for your sweet comment. I am blessed to hear that you were encouraged! Don’t stop believing, sister. The Lord will never fail you! I will be praying for you and if you ever need encouragement, feel free to write us at: :)

  2. Wow, this post blessed me on today I. So many ways. I knew nothing about your site, I was googling some pictures today and happen to be directed to your site. God knew exactly where to send me for encouragement. Over a year since you posted this, but you be encouraged and know that it’s still blessing people!

    God Bless!

    1. becomingesther says:

      Ms.LaShawn, God bless you!

      Thank you for your sweet words. To God be the glory! The Lord is so faithful and my spirit rejoices knowing that He touched you.
      I pray you continue to stay encouraged, knowing that a season of change is here. Keep believing. Our God is incapable of failing!

  3. Hello, I recently stumbled upon this and was amazed by how often you could interpret a Disney movie into a messae from God. I love Disney, so this post gave me the happiest feeling that not all of Hollywood is stuck on the ideal of sex, drugs, and money.

    1. becomingesther says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Yes! God is always speaking. He can even teach you a lesson through a Disney movie. Funny how He works sometimes 😉
      Blessings to you, sweet sister. Thank you for reaching out!

  4. Torri says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I’m going through right now. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It’s so hard to wait, and to have a joyful heart at the same time. I’ve been praying for something for a while now, and a couple days I gave up, but, I’m not going to quit, I’m going to keep praying . Thanks again.

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