Rev 1

November 2016


Meet Livy Jarmusch! Our lovely Esther of the Month. She is a true Princess of this time. A bold lioness who has conquered every land she treads. A mighty warrior who shifts the Kingdom and breaks chains with her shouts of praise. A loving friend, sister and role model to young women all over the world. We have had the honor of knowing her and partnering our ministry with hers Crown of Beauty Magazine for the last 3 years. What a crazy beautiful journey it has been! We have watched her blossom and pioneer through places that most would deem impossible. She is currently running a world wide ministry, pursuing her dream of music, and writing her little heart a way, as an upcoming best selling author 😉 she just released her 2nd book, “Secrets of Royalty” (a must read) and is getting ready to release her 3rd book, which will be a novel!! Livy, we are constantly amazed by you. Thank you for showing women of all ages that you can fulfill any dream when you surrender your life to Jesus. We love you!


October 2016

It is with great honor that we introduce to you our next Esther of the Month: Hope Newman. Where do we even begin with this young woman? It was not a coincidence that God gave her the name HOPE because that is exactly what she gives to others. She is joyful, fun, bright and SO loved by her family and peers. She’s on a mission with God and is not afraid to move mountains to get to her destined place. 

Hope is currently the president of the Post Falls High School Deca Chapter, that challenges young kids to be entrepreneurs and leaders. She works diligently and lovingly at the Boys & Girls Club, volunteers throughout the community and helps out wherever she can. Her heart overflows with compassion and the desire to make a difference. 

She is a true pioneer.

But what we love most about her is that she will never deny who she is in Christ. Recently she was told by a teacher that she could no longer share her Biblical beliefs or her faith. What did she do? She graciously, but boldly, defended herself.

She did not deny her Father in Heaven. So awesome. We’re living in a day where our faith will be tested. It’s not going to be easy. Will we pass? Will we be unashamed?

Thank you Hope for standing on the rock. We love you and we are so proud of you for choosing to shine brightly in a dark world. Continue to be fearless and fierce in your pursuit of Jesus!


September 2016


We are so privileged to introduce our next Esther of the Month: Olya Kuropatko. Olya is definitely something special. Her love for others is overwhelming and evident. She may be young, but her motherly love impacts all. She is nurturing and compassionate, giving and humble, welcoming and endearing. Her example as a wife and mother is commendable. She diligently teaches her 3 children at home, providing them with a Godly environment and instilling God’s Word into them at a young age. She supports and cares for her husband who served our country for 15 years, and so bravely is standing by him as they have recently followed the Lord’s call in a new area of their lives. We admire Olya for walking by faith and supporting her new call of ministry through her fervent prayers, obedience, and hospitality.
Olya, you have a true heart of a servant and you are a beautiful example to follow after!
We love you. 💛


August 2016

Our next Esther of the Month, is the incredible Anya Mishakov. 💜
She is a loving wife. A sweet mother. A beautiful sister. and a faithful friend. She has a made a huge impact in her community, simply for being who God has made her to be. Her heart overflows with kindness and generosity. Her spirit radiates of one who is truly in love with her King. Her walk is an example of someone completely anchored and fixed in the midst of a storm. Her life is a BLESSING. Here at Becoming Esther we’ve been so thankful to have her support, not only as a sister, but someone who has used her gift to design our meetings. She loves to decorate and help, whether it’s for weddings or even for small Bible studies like ours. She gives 100% into whatever she puts her hands to! Her gift is awesome. Anya, thank you. We love you and we highly respect the holy woman of God that you are. Keep being used for His Glory!


July 2016


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JUNE 2016




Our next Esther of the Month is the beautiful miss Whitnee Skalskiy.

At 16, she is currently breaking records in the whole state of Idaho for her track team. It’s her passion and with every leap she takes, she excels. What she strives for is commendable. But what we honor most, is that she runs after Jesus with every thing that she has. She has made a beautiful choice to follow Him no matter the cost or what people think and in return, He has crowned her with favor.

Whitnee, we are so proud of the woman you have blossomed into. This is an Esther season for you. Keep preparing. Keep running. Keep worshipping your King. He’s put you in the Kingdom, For Such A Time As This. Your destiny is great, precious one.
P.S: we can’t wait to see you in the Olympics someday 😉


MAY 2016




Meet Tavifa Taya Shiva.

She is a passionate 15 year old residing in Washington, who is ignited inside with a fire that can not be contained or controlled.

She loves Jesus and people with everything that she has. Her greatest desire on this earth is to see others saved and delivered. She is not okay with the enemy having a stronghold over a persons soul. She’ll look into their eyes and speak life, because she knows the power of the Great I Am.

But there is so much more to Tabby that we adore. Not only is she a quirky, fun loving, beautiful young lady, but she is a successful business owner (she breeds adorable little pomskies). She is also getting ready to graduate high school in a couple of weeks.

At 15 years old!! Isn’t that amazing?! It goes to show that it IS possible to reach your dreams, at any age. It just takes perseverance!

Tabby, you are an inspiration. The hand of the Lord is all over your life. It is so evident.

We are proud of you, sweetheart!

Just you watch. God is going to open door after door and take you to amazing places in Him. You are going to make history with the powerful voice God has given you.

For Such A Time As This.




APRIL 2016


Meet Tatiana. She is a 16 year old trailblazer residing in California.

She just returned from India with her school, where she fearlessly served the community and sweet children around her. She visited many orphanages during her journey and changed children’s lives as they changed her’s!

When we asked what God showed her on this journey, this was her response:

“Before March seventeenth 2016 my knowledge of India was meager and food related. As a California girl from a private christian school, India existed only in my imagination. I was completely oblivious to the wonders kept in the borders of India. However, God was fully aware of my ignorance and he decided to bless me with a journey to India. I believe that He was eager to allow me the pure pleasure of loving his children on the opposite side of the world.
My school holds annual service trips in the spring, which depart to countries all around the world. I had originally applied to go to a different service trip, and ironically enough, I was thoroughly opposed to even applying to go to India. Obviously, the Lord was patiently waiting to prove his plan for me to be much greater than any plan that I could dream up.
The months prior to my journey were jam packed with preparation: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I had been specifically praying for God to “break my heart” for the things that break His, in hopes that I could be a vessel for Him to channel his current of unconditional love.
Our mission for the trip was to fill the libraries of “dream centers” in the poorest parts of India (Dream center: a place for orphans, and children in dire situations to live, hear the word of God, and thrive in a loving environment- coined by the founder of the organization: Good news India). We were also in preparation to hold a day of activities and a night chapel for each dream center.
Once we landed from the flight that lasted an eternity, I could not keep still from my excitement to see these children. Little did I know that God was about to shatter my heart for these precious children of India.
Each day that came presented me an opportunity to unload the massive amounts of love that were stored in my heart. The Lord blessed me with so much energy, despite the lack of sleep and exponential rate of sickness in the group. I constantly felt incredibly energetic and thrilled to play with these children and be blessed by their faith.
The kids that I befriended will be embedded in my mind like diamonds. Quickly after I met each group, would I see priceless character. Every child I met showed great reverence to our team and treated us like royalty. They were so eager to give me all their love and comfort. I felt ridiculous being treated so, because it was apparent to me that they were precious and much more worthy of glorification.
Amidst the devastating public and waves of heat lived the children whose eyes sparkled with vitality. There was a raw joy and sincerity about their smiles. Never in my entire life had I seen such a genuine display of emotion, and never had I loved anything so instantly.
The Lord sure did answered my prayer, and he did not spare any detail. He broke my heart for the impoverished youth of India, and I am immensely thankful for it. I know now the urgency in God’s heart to spread love and joy to all his children living in the world.”
We are so extremely proud of Tatiana. She shines brightly in a dark place! Her pure heart for the Lord has brought us hope! We love love love seeing girls take action where it is so needed! There’s no doubt that The Lord is going to take her places. We hope her drive, passion, and precious story inspires you as it has inspired us!