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“I am always so encouraged after going to a Becoming Esther meeting. It’s inspiring to know that there are young women of God that have the same vision as you, you’re not alone, and that they share the same heart as you. The word, prayer and fellowship is always so refreshing. I have met so many incredible souls through Becoming Esther.
We live in a society where young women are just passed by. A lot of girls don’t have anyone to talk to, or they don’t talk to anyone because they are worried about being judged. They don’t think that they are loved. They’re afraid to step into their destiny, scared of what others will think. Becoming Esther lets girls know that they ARE loved and that they DO matter.
Kenya has always been there for me and I know that if I ever need someone to talk to or need some encouragement I can always go to her. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful to be apart of such an amazing ministry.” 

-Whitnee Skalskiy (17) Rathdrum, Idaho

“Becoming Esther Ministries has been one of the most efficient teachers of reliance on God, in my life. From the cozy meetings I’ve had with a Becoming Esther small group, I was newly inspired to surrender negative entertainment because of its apparent hold on my attention. Becoming Esther philosophy also inspired me to cherish my singleness because it’s a precious time to individually glorify God. The impressions this ministry has on my spirituality continue to become apparent to me, and I am ever thankful for that.” 

-Tatiana Klein (16) San Jose, California 


We have been privileged of the Lord to team up with our lovely sister Livy Jarmusch, founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine. The Lord has made a way for us to have a Crown of Beauty and Becoming Esther TOUR, around the States! GOD IS MOVING in ways we have never seen or felt and lives of young women are being impacted by His Spirit worldwide.

We are planning to continue our tour. We anticipate where the Lord will take us next on this powerful journey.

Below we have pictures of our recent conferences and testimonials from women who attended the events.


“The meeting at the Coffee Shop with Crown of Beauty was more than what we had expected. The Lord showed up, just like He always does.
We had the opportunity to answer questions concerning matters that are not often addressed by girls our age: touchy subjects such as, Courting vs. Dating, our purpose on earth, and seeing ourselves through Gods eyes.
What made this meeting so special, is that it wasn’t our typical podium and audience setting, it was personal and intimate.
We walked away with a heart full of inspiration and a deeper understanding of the struggles that this generation faces.

Crown of Beauty and Becoming Esther also had the privilege to partake of the gorgeous Frozen Fairy Tale Ball, hosted by Dechari Cole, founder of Girls Living 4 God. It was anointed, liberating, refreshing and truly a magical night, that we will always remember. It was such a blessing to connect with Ms. Dechari.
She has such a precious heart and we highly commend her vision!

The 6 days we had in Nashville were fruitful and God ordained. We pioneered the land! Everywhere we went, there was a divine appointment and connection.
The Lord called us out into the unknown but it was a time of great purpose! God is SO good.”

-Kenya Gossett and Melody Mohnhaupt |Becoming Esther Ministries|

“Majestic! Moving! Marvelous! Those are three words that come to mind as I reflect back on watching the teen girls not only participate but deeply engage in the ministry time led by Livy, Kenya & Melody from the ministry of “Crown of Beauty” and “Becoming Esther.”  The ingenious “Girl’s Talk” style was more helpful in drawing out the girl’s real questions and also in impressing on their hearts God’s desire for them than a typical “bible study.” This format worked because of these Godly women leaders. The Word is permeated in all they say but more importantly in who they are. The leaders of “Becoming Esther” “shine like stars in a corrupt generation as they hold out the Word of life. Finally, I believe God has raised up these princesses to raise up a remnant of pure princesses For Such A Time As This.” -Barbara Ann


“We don’t even know how to begin describing our experience in North Carolina. First off- it was an honor and privilege, to represent Becoming Esther at the 1st Crown of Beauty conference. It was a blessing to partake of Livy’s vision and to discover the purpose of our sweet joining.
Our weekend at Harvest Church started off with being broken before the Lord and ended with Him making something beautiful out of that brokenness.
The first night consisted of spending hours in prayer and worship around the altar! Gods presence was so overwhelming. The magnitude can not even be expressed in words!
The 2nd day; The Lord poured back in what we poured out the previous night.
The panel of speakers covered topics such as: our dreams, our worth, the importance of “Staying in the Castle”, and falling in love with the King. The Spirit was sweet and uplifting!
Overall, it was a time of healing, purpose, and new beginnings.”
-Kenya Gossett and Melody Mohnhaupt |Becoming Esther Ministries|


“To me, that weekend meant more than I thought it would. I actually walked away with more than I expected to. It not only showed young girls how to be more confident, but to also look to and trust God in everything. The speakers there were very touching and I could relate to a few situations mentioned. Most of all, I learned to never look down on myself, because being a Child of God, I know that I’m important and beautiful no matter what other may think! :)”  -Meghan Canady |Harvest Church|

“Attending the Becoming Esther/Crown of Beauty Purity conference in North Carolina was incredibly special for me. Being able to watch Kenya-Nicole and Melody pour their hearts out for young ladies and inspire them to Godliness was fulfilling in my life. I’ve watched these two grow into amazing women of God right before my eyes. Their passion to minister life to young ladies and even little girls brought tears of joy to my heart. They are pouring out all that the Lord has poured into them as they have dedicated their lives to serving Him.
Meeting Livy and her family was just the icing on the cake. Her visionary spirit was evident in all that she did to organize the Conference as well as be so sensitive in Spirit to lead the ladies that weekend. We all were caught up in His presence in worship, ministry of the Word, and precious fellowship. I was honored to travel with my little sisters and be apart of such an amazing conference.”  -Melissa Price

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