Becoming Esther is inspired by the incredible story of Queen Esther in the Bible. Most of you may be familiar with the story but for those of you who aren’t, I will briefly share it with you.


Esther was a Jew (this was a great disadvantage during this time) that was chosen by the Lord to not only become Queen but to save her people from destruction. She went through a 12 month preparation process, 6 months with oil of myrrh and 6 months of perfume and purification. (Esther 2:12) before she was presented to the King.


The Word says that the King loved her above all the women and that she obtained grace and favor in his sight. Although she was faced with major challenges after she became Queen, her courage and obedience to the Lord helped her fulfill her destiny.


Her story has impacted the lives of many Christian women, including my own. This generation is in desperate need of women of God like Queen Esther and that is why this ministry was started.


Our mission for Becoming Esther is to encourage young women worldwide, to come to know Jesus as Lord and to discover their purpose through Him. We want this time of preparation for their future husbands and future callings, to be a time to strengthen virtue, build character and build a stronger foundation with the Lord.


I pray that through this ministry, God will raise a generation of Esther’s. There are so many young women today that don’t realize the incredible destiny they have in God and we want nothing more than to see them receive their promise. I pray He gives us the humility, wisdom, compassion and courage of Queen Esther and that we may continually find favor in His eyes, just like Esther found favor with the King.


(Becoming Esther is a registered non-denominational ministry and an established non-profit organization)